Yacon Syrup and Its Advantages

benefits of yacon syrupIn the world that we live in today, the TV and entertainment world has so much influenced our social behaviors and it is the one that dictates how people should live and act.

This is the reason why everyone is rushing to reduce their weight so that they can look like the fashion models that are walking down the aisle or the muscular hot looking guy with a six pack. The downside to this is that we are all consuming unhealthy foods that will only add to your body weight and not maintain a lean one.

That is why when this famous doctor talked about the yacon syrup it became a virus and everyone who wants to reduce weight they are rushing to this supplement. Yacon can be consumed in different forms from a powder to a pill to a potato chip, but the most famous method of using it is in a syrup form.

It is advisable to use the yacon syrup either an hour or two just before having a meal though some doctors have argued that it is better to consume it with a meal but it is not actually a matter of argument on the best time to take it.

The yacon syrup can be found in a plant that is grown in South America which contains the substance FOS normally found in large concentrations in the root. The leaves of the plant also contain the FOS chemical but are in a mixture with other toxic substances hence it is not easy to separate the FOS from the other chemicals.

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This therefore means that the roots are the best in extracting FOS. FOS in scientific terms stands for fructooligosaccharide which is the active ingredient in yacon syrup improving digestion and metabolism. Though the studies that have been done are not very much conclusive the much that has been studied proves that yacon syrup is very effective in reducing weight and improving metabolism.

Other vegetables and fruits have also been found to contain the yacon substance like the bananas, and asparagus. Onions and garlic has also been found to contain this FOS substance but in a quite considerable amount.

Yacon syrup is not recommended for use with infants and adults are also advised to use it moderately. The side effects of yacon are not very much documented but the ones that have been discovered are also not so serious.

It is known that if you tend to use very large doses of the yacon syrup you might experience some form of diarrhea or some form of flatulence. Some people have also been known to experience some nausea and others cases of bloating but this is only experienced if you take heavy doses of the syrup.

Yacon syrup is also said to assist in the production of testosterone in the body which can be very advantageous for people in sports and athletes. This has not been scientifically proven to be true because it has not been tested in humans.

Many people tend to join in the band wagon without doing some thorough research on this syrup and therefore are ignorant of its advantages or disadvantages.

Yacon syrup has not yet been thoroughly researched and it is advisable for someone to proceed with caution. Though it is proven that it assists in weight loss and boosting metabolism it is not proper for people who do not have the extreme conditions to use it as a supplement.

You can end up using a lot of your money just to find that the syrup does not add or reduce anything in your body.