What Are Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberries are edible fruits that grow in many parts of the world including Korea, Australia and India. There are several kinds of raspberries which are the red raspberries which are the most common, the black raspberries, the blue raspberries, the purple raspberries and the yellow raspberries. Some of these like the yellow are due to cross pollination. The raspberries contain chemical substances in them called ketones.

These are the chemical substances that will be addressed in this article. Raspberry ketones are the substances responsible for the aroma in the raspberries. When you eat raspberries they provide our bodies with ketones. They however contain very little amounts of ketone that even a stomach full of ketones will give you very little benefits of ketones.

What are ketones? Ketones are substances found in our bodies that are primarily formed when the body breaks down fat to get energy for use.  When you do not supply your body with enough carbs or you use drugs that inhibit carb digestion, the body results to using stored fat for energy. Raspberry ketones are contained in the raspberries and can be transferred directly to us when we eat the raspberries. To high concentrations of ketones, you may use raspberry ketone supplements that are available for sale all over. Eating raspberries will not help much; it can only be used in conjunction with the supplements for noticeable effects.

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raspberry ketonesWhy are ketones that important? Ketones help the body to release adiponectin, a hormone that enables the body to break down fats into energy. When this happens the body is said to be in ketosis. When in ketosis, the body has high concentrations of ketones therefore more fat is broken down since there is plenty of adiponectin. When in ketosis the body requires less food. Eating less is also good for losing weight.

When we eat less we reduce the chances of eating junk and also reduce the calorie intake in the body. Raspberry ketones therefore are important in helping the body to burn fat by sending it into a state of ketosis and also by helping the body produce the hormone adiponectin more.

The raspberry ketones came into the spotlight in 2012 when Dr. Mehmet of the Dr. OZ show mentioned them in his TV show. From then the craze for raspberries started. Grocery stores that did not stock them now did. People who had not thought of raspberries now started reading about them and eating them. The prices went off the roof before they came back down. They went off the roof because people had thought that eating them will make you lose weight what they did not know then is that they did not contain a lot of ketones to show any significant change.

When this was discovered the prices went down but still people accepted and started eating raspberries for this and other benefits. This just serves to show how celebrities can impact our society. They should know they are looked upon by their fans.

There are other benefits of raspberry ketones which include helping the body to manage blood cholesterol levels and in turn good blood pressure levels. They also contain antioxidants which are also useful in the body. It is therefore important to take raspberries even if you are not looking to lose weight. After all it is a fruit just like any other that you enjoy.

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How To Diagnose If You’re Healthy Or Not

wellbeing and healthWho would not want to know whether they are healthy or not? You would do all to know whether your pink eyes or pale nails are signs of sickness. Well, Mother Nature has a way to warn you of bad healthy. It is for you to be alert to read these signs and then act accordingly.

It all starts with noticing small changes in your body and general abnormal symptoms which point to a problem with your health. So, what are the ways on how to diagnose if you are healthy?

Bowel movements

What comes out of your digestive system can tell whether you are healthy or not. The quantity and quality of your stool tells a lot about your health. If you have regular bowel movements then you can rest easy. Relatively soft, large and easy to pass stool is an indication that you are healthy. Any change with your bowel movement timing or hard to pass stool tells you that you need to see a doctor.

The texture and color of your nails

Naturally, healthy nails are supposed to be firm, pink in color and smooth when you touch them. If this is what you see when you look or touch your nails then you are healthy. You are not healthy if your nails show the following signs:

  • Pink-whitish nails: you probably have kidney issues
  • Fragile nails: you have thyroid problems
  • Whitish nails: liver problems such as hepatitis
  • Thin nails with raised ridges: show that you lack iron

The color of your skin

You tend to focus so much on your face that you forget the rest of your body skin. This is detrimental for you may miss crucial signs on your health. Your body skin should always be in your natural tone. Therefore, there is a problem if part of your skin changes color from your natural complexion. Example of health problems shown through the skin include:

  • Brown discoloration on your hands and feet: it denotes a problem with your kidney
  • Yellow skin: this is a sign of underperforming thyroid
  • Neck or armpit velvety patches could be signs of diabetes

Greying before 40 years

Dr Joan Liebmann-Smith in the book Body Signs has categorically stated that you should not have 50% of your hair greying before you reach 40. If this happens it means you should get checked for diabetes.

Cold feet and hands

Your feet and arms are the farthest from the heart and they would be the first to show any signs of vascular conditions. If you get cold hands and feet often this may be a clear message of a vascular condition. This phenomenon is called Raynaud’s syndrome which starts at your toes and fingers. When this happens, forget about grabbing your socks and instead go for an immediate check-up.

Do not wait till your symptoms reach a point of no turn to see a physician. Read the signs your body is giving you and take appropriate action. Many diseases and conditions are curable and it is only that we wait till the last minute when little can be done to reverse the dire situations.

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